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Every model that has our certificate goes through an extensive in-house test process to ensure that comply with the specifications. Our team of trained professionals will test each device acording to an industry standards going through many test steps such as:
• Visual Inspection. is the process of looking over a the equipment using the naked eye of a trained inspector. Here’s how the most important tests are carried out for individual device factors: Drop and shock testing, Liquid-resistance testing, Sand and dust testing, Humidity testing, Temperature testing, UI and UX testing.
• Bench Test using software solution that tests devices for over 1000 combinations with all communication protocols.
• Functional Testing Here, the software is tested from the lowest code level to the highest vehicle integration level in different test environments, with different test objectives and against different set of requirements.

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Who we are

We are a small team of engineers who make sure that automotive diagnostic devices (softwares,interface) are compatible with their set of standards, protocols or other types of rules they may have.

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64% of Automotive Diagnostic Tools FAIL standard certification testing during their first pass

When it comes to being cost- and time-effective, your best bet is to consult an accredited third party who has the knowledge and resources to know exactly which protocols have complied with the particular diagnostic tool.

Our Lab results of the 100 various branded diagnostic tools

Our team can recommend specific products to best suit the demands of your workshop or DIY project. We’re also happy to discuss test conditions that will ensure that our diagnostic test solutions are fit for purpose.